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Web Site Design and Development

You spent hundreds of dollars having a web page designed and now the designer's gone, you have to change and address, phone number or some other minor change and there is no one to do it.

Many clients aren't happy with the results of their 'first generation website'. Perhaps it was developed as a favor, or by your nephew, or a self-taught employee. For whatever reason, the website has not brought you the results you had hoped for.

Our developers will conduct a website review on your existing site and develop a plan for improving your existing site to reach your goals.

In a redesign of an existing website the development work focuses on improvements to navigation, design, content, download speed and optimization for search engine submission. In some cases, it's easier just to start from scratch and re-develop the site.

We can do it!

No job is too small or too large...

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Web Site Philosophy !

Each web developer has preferred layout styles and design tendencies. Yakindo does too! The principles that guide our web development projects are:

  • Content is King on the internet! If your site is short on information, it will not rank well on search engines. We help clients ensure their website provides all the information visitors are looking for ... and more.
  • People don't come to websites just to look at the design. They come seeking information. Design provides an essential backdrop to the content as it should reflect the corporate image of the company and provide a professional appearance to ensure your company looks bona fide. Research shows that a badly designed site reduces the credibility of your company and a well-designed site adds credibility to your company image.
  • Techno garbage is exactly that! Animated gifs, flash, complicated javascript and other technical wonders of the internet frustrate visitors to websites as they take forever to load and crash software/computers when the scripting hasn't been fully tested. We use the KISS principle in web development ... simple and effective and focused on the goal ... getting visitors to your site and providing them with the information they seek.
  • High accessibility and usability are keywords in W3C compliance, the king of internet standards. What does this mean to clients? Our sites work across platforms, through several versions of browsers and provide a user-friendly experience to visitors to the website, with special accessibility considerations for the visually impaired and blind.
  • And most important of all, we do not utilize design principles which hamper search engine placement in any way. If visitors can't find your website on the search engines, you'll be losing a major segment of your potential market. Our developers keep abreast of changes in the algorithms of the major search engines to ensure high placement for your site.
  • You'll never see a Yakindo logo/link on sites we've developed as your website isn't our ad space! Word of mouth and satisfied customers continues to bring us business on a continual basis.
  • We endeavor to provide all customers with 24-48 hour turnaround on work submitted to us. We've heard too many stories from clients of unreturned phone calls and unanswered questions by other developers. By dealing with our clients direct, we can ensure that your questions are answered in a timely manner and communications are directed straight to the person doing the work.

Our design philosophy is focused on developing the most effective website possible for clients ... to grow their business and provide comprehensive information to customers.

Do You Really Need a Web Site ?

The first question should be, Do you want to grow your business? A well-developed website can help you achieve that goal!

There are countless reasons why and how a website can benefit your business. The Internet is a very effective, and cost-efficient medium to reach customers in today's online world. The Internet provides many of the benefits of many so-called "traditional' advertising media with several added benefits:

  • Your business door is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that customers can learn more about your products and/or services and make online inquiries or purchases.
  • Information about your company's products and services can and will reach a global market.
  • Customers and prospective customers can access product/service information directly, greatly reducing the need for costly printed materials and reducing the amount of time your staff must spend on the phone answering questions.
  • The cost of developing and maintaining a web site is only a fraction of that of placing advertisements in traditional media, yet it has the potential to reach a much broader audience.
  • Small businesses can compete at the same level as bigger companies.
  • Customer service is only an email away.
  • Visitors to your website have found your site because they are interested in your products and/or services. Your marketing therefore becomes more focused on real customer prospects.
  • A website allows you to provide more product information, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than ever. Reduce costly printing of extensive catalogs and frequently reprinted brochures!
  • A website allows your customers to get to know more about you and your company's background, optimizing the personal side of doing business.
  • You can easily reduce the cost of customer contacts by driving correspondence via email, instead of more costly telephone and fax communications, or lengthy snail mail distribution. Your website can help you generate a new list of customers who can be contacted via email.


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 Web Site Promotion !

Developing a site without promoting it is like printing thousands of copies of your company brochure and leaving them in a cupboard.

Before your site is even completed, our developers are working on a comprehensive promotion campaign to promote your site through search engines and directories, traditional printed media, linkage and special promotion activities.

The goal of promotion is to ensure that your website will be viewed by a wider audience in your target markets.

Web Hosting

Consulting Services

Are you disappointed with the performance and/or appearance of your current website? Our experienced professionals can review your website and develop a detailed written report on how you can improve your website's performance through improved design, content, navigation, and promotion.

Web Hosting

We offer a variety of web hosting packages that can meet your needs.

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